Which roof style should I consider for my Denver area covered patio, roofed deck or porch?

Here at Archadeck of Greater Denver & the Foothills, we frequently field questions from clients considering a roofed outdoor project about what is the most desirable roof style for their backyard plans.

As designers and builders of multiple outdoor roofed decks, porches and covered patios we are happy to help with the many variables that influence roof design and construction. Adding a roof to any outdoor living area introduces a number of important decisions that will have major impact on the final project. Roofs come in many sizes, shapes, and slopes and each factor is important in determining the success of the final project.

Hip roofs, gable roofs, shed roofs, flat roofs and various combinations of all of these can be used to compliment your outdoor project. There are a variety of design considerations to be taken into account in the final design that influence aesthetics, functionality, and durability. Some of the most important roof design criteria are the following:

1.) How does the design compliment my house design? Certain roof shapes and designs may not fit on to your existing house, while others may add value and look original. Most people consider this to be very important in their final decision. If you want your new roofed deck or covered patio to compliment the design of your home, your choice in roof style is crucial.

2.) How does the roof design effect light penetration under the roof and to any windows that will be covered by the new roof? This issue can be very important to the final plan. The direction of the light, the shape of the roof design, the height of the roof, and the size of the roof all need to be taken into consideration. In some cases clients are seeking to obstruct the light and glare from one direction and in other cases they may wish to minimize any reduction in light to the existing windows. All of these factors influence the final design.

3.) What shape of roof will provide the best durability and drainage? The most attractive design is of little use if it does not drain properly or is not durable. We have been to newer homes with existing roof drainage problems that need to be solved as part of a new roof addition.

4.) Will my new roofed deck or porch attach safely and permanently to my house? There are many important building details involved in the design and construction of a new roof that is connecting to your house. Proper flashing, roof slopes, water flow, and snow load ratings all need to be taken into account. All roof additions require a building permit and in many cases an engineer’s or architect’s approval.

5.) Will my new roof be supported properly to stand up to all the vagaries of Denver wind, weather, rain and snow? If you have lived in the Denver area for any length of time you know that the weather here is highly variable to say the least. All of our roofs are designed and built to exceed the load requirements of the building codes, and to withstand the heaviest snow fall. If you live outside of the Denver metro area at higher elevations, additional snow loading reinforcement will need to be taken into account, to meet code and safety standards under high snow conditions.

6.) And lastly, how do various roof designs impact cost and the project budget? Not all roof designs have the same cost basis, even if they are the same size. Roof shape, slope, height, and column support design influence cost and budget. In general, the simplest single-slope “shed” style roofs are the least expensive but may not work in your specific situation. Gable roofs, hip roofs, and various combination designs will cost more than single slope roofs but are very popular!

As you can see from the above considerations, roof design and construction needs to account for a lot of variables to create a successful project. At Archadeck of Greater Denver & the Foothills we make sure that each of these issues is covered in the design and construction of your roofed deck, covered porch, or patio. Successful roof additions are permanent and will have durability equal to or greater than your existing home.

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